Top Bid Day Gifts

Calling all sorority sisters and soon-to-be sisters! Are you ready for rush week? If you're on the hunt for the top bid day gifts, you're in for a treat. We know that bid day is a whirlwind of emotions, joy and sisterhood bonds that will last a lifetime. 

Top Bid Day Gifts From Sorority Shop
Check out our list for unique and trendy products every sister is guaranteed to love! 

New Arrivals For Spring! 🦋

Hello Sorority Gals! Here are our new arrivals for Spring 2020. 💓 Keep in mind we are still serving our customers the same way we always have during this time.

Retro Pillows are HERE!

Retro Throw Pillows are here! They're a great gift; perfect for a dorm, bedroom, or sorority suite! Size: 12” x 16” Material: Off-white, high-quality burlap Imprint: Sorority Colors Fill: 100% Poly Care: Hand wash (Instructions on inner tag)

What to include on a Sorority Recruitment Resume

Fall Semester of college is approaching and it's time for recruitment! Whether you are recruiting or going through recruitment, it is important to know a great recruitment resume when you see one.

Check out these great tips and an example resume! 

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Sorority Throw Pillows - The Perfect Room Accessory!

Our new pillows are the perfect accessory for a dorm room, bedroom, or the living room in your Sorority house. Check out these ideas for using them in your home decor!

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Thinking about joining Greek Life?

Ready to take the next step and join a sorority or fraternity on campus? Check out these SIX tips to make sure you have the best experience!